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The small village school with a big heart

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Breakfast Club: 
Mrs Jan Robinson and Mrs Colbert run a Breakfast Club every day the school is open from 8.00am to 8.50am.  The children are then escorted to their classroom ready for registration.  The children can choose from a range of breakfast cereals and can have toast or crumpets with a selection of toppings.
There is no need to book a place and the cost is £2.70 per day.

After School Club: 
We also offer an After School Club every day that school is open from 3.10pm to 5.00pm. If you would like a place for your child please contact the School Office. A range of activities are offered and the cost is currently £2.70 from 3.10pm until 4pm or £5 from 3.10pm until 5pm.

  • SEN Information Report

    At Roxwell C of E Primary School we aim to enable all children, including those with Special Educational Needs to engage with and enjoy a well-balanced and broad curriculum.  We strongly pride ourselves in supporting children to develop as confident, individual and independent pupils.

    Our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator is Miss Vicky Kendell.

    From September 2014 , every Local Authority will be required to publish information about services they expect to be available in their area for children and young people from birth to 25 years who have Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND).  All schools are to complete an SEN Information Report that will contribute to the local offer. 


    SEN Information Report 2017/2018

  • Our Equality Objectives and Statement

    Our Equality Objectives 

    1. To diminish the difference between children in receipt of Pupil Premium and those not in receipt of Pupil Premium at KS1.

    2. To increase the percentage of children making expected or more than expected progress from their starting points by end of KS2, particularly in Literacy for boys and Middle Attainers.

    3. To increase the percentage of children reaching age related expectations and making at least expected progress in Reading.

    4. To continually monitor and analyse pupil achievement by FSM, race, gender and SEND and act on any trends or patterns in the data that require additional support for pupils.

    5. To continue to support vulnerable families and children, building on links with LDG to offer early and long tern intervention to families and children.

    6. To update and publish Equality Scheme, Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policies on Website.

    Equalities Statement

    Roxwell C of E Primary School is an inclusive school in which we act to ensure all pupils have equal access to the curriculum.  No child is excluded from any curricular or extra-curricular activity because of a disability. Our Equality Policy and Plan is due to be reviewed and evaluated in February 2019.  We recently reviewed progress towards our published objectives which is set out below: 

    As of July, 2017, 


  • School Development Plan

    At Roxwell C of E Primary School we are committed to continually moving forward and making improvements so as to ensure your children receive the very best education and experiences.  My aim for the school is to be a successful learning community, that is an extended family, in which everyone is valued; enjoys coming to school and is given every opportunity to flourish both academically and as an individual.  Watch this space for our finalised plan ...

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