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Collective Worship

We are incredibly lucky to have many different people lead our Collective Worship each day. At the moment, our Collective Worship can be led by a class teacher, the headteacher, a volunteer from our local church or the Collective Worship team (see below).

The children regularly refelect on the value of the week by drawing pictures, writing stories or writing prayers.

Latest News

Collective Worship questionnaire.

The whole school recently completed a questionnaire about Collective Worship. They answered what they liked/disliked, how it could be improved and what they would like to see change. The responses are shown below:

80% like singing

71% like collective worship

74% would like to be more involved

What do you like about C.W?

"Singing songs" "Cartoons about the bible" "When people come in from the church to lead our C.W"

What would make C.W better?

"More visitors" "Seeing the pictures of the story"

What makes C.W special?

"We can speak to God" "We can say thank you"

How does C.W make a difference to your day?

"It makes me calmer" "We learn about the value and how to live" "It makes me happy" "We learn about God" "It gives me time to talk to God"

Collective Worship Team

Every half term, six children volunteer to lead Collective Worship once a week. They retell bible stories, create actions for our worship songs, write and say prayers and plan what will happen in Collective Worship.

This half term's Collective Worship Team are:

Evie      Neive      Josh     Jake      Emily     Ebony

Collective Worship Plan

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2

The Bible










The Holy Trinity

Ascension & Pentecost

Fruit of the spirit


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